October 2017 News from Raj

It was a fabulous month for me and EE in general. As a team we successfully promoted EE at the National Engage Conference held at Manukau Baptist Church from the 22nd to 23rd Sep, where 250 people attended the conference. We had our own EE booth that attracted close to 10 enquires from various church pastors and leaders and I will do follow up with each of them in the coming weeks.

I was also given a slot to speak at the Engage conference with a 20-minute “Power Talk” on how to take the gospel to Indian migrants in New Zealand. I incorporated two EE gospel stories into my speech and promoted the benefits of the EE technique. Chris and Anne confirmed that the speech went well and that people liked EE technique, especially the demonstration of the “record book of sin”.

In September, we held an XEE workshop where 10 people were trained.  Praise the Lord! In addition to this, the EV2 training held in East Auckland has concluded.  We have also identified and developed a new Teacher-Trainer who has fully assisted me in the 10-week EE training in East Auckland and the XEE workshop in the City, who has a great potential to become an IFW.


Raj Narayanan, National Director

October 2017 news from Chris Lange, Board Chairman

Over the last few weeks during the general election, I observed that the political debates revolved mainly around the differing vision each camp holds for what our society should look like.  This was often broken down into different areas such as economy, health, transport, housing and environment. We know that when the Gospel transforms a person’s heart it affects every area of a person’s life. However, as important as good governance and democratic processes might be, we have a much larger mandate with consequences that last for eternity. We are first and foremost called to be ambassador’s for the Kingdom of God. Are we inviting people to live under a government that has been in office since before the world began?

So what is our vision? “Every nation equipping every people group and every age group to witness to every person.”  This vision is simply a reflection of the Great Commission to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). This is a global vision – it starts at home and then moves beyond our own boarders. Imagine what our nation will look like when this is achieved! Can this be achieved? Yes certainly! Jesus said “I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20). So let’s do this. Let’s be active in delivering the Gospel to New Zealand. Let’s bring for fruit that lasts!

Chris Lange

October 2017 news from our Hope for Kids Field Worker: Lewis Bacon

It has been an exciting couple of months since my last report. We’ve had our EENZ conference which was an opportunity to spend time and cast vision with our South Island team members, and to hear them making goals to have at least four workshops in the South Island next year. We’ve had a Team Visioning Day that was inspiring and is helping us in our future planning.  We have also had two Hope for Kids workshops in September.  Even though the numbers were low with only four people from three different churches attending, some exciting things have come out of it, for example:

(a) One young girl came to know the Lord at the on-the-job training where 20 children heard the gospel;

(b) Three of the people who came to the workshop want to offer the programme at an After School Club in 2018;

Moving on to the Christchurch workshop, it was great to have Adrienne Van Rij and David Jull as co-workshop presenters to support and equip this very passionate group, who have a desire to communicate with young people in a way that works and want to make sure their young people come to faith in Christ. The key leaders now want to put the programme into action at their different locations around Canterbury.

Another development that I’m praising the Lord for is that there are new trainers who are keen to be part of workshop training.  Speaking of workshops: there is one scheduled for Auckland in November on the North Shore, please register here if you are interested.  I have already started booking workshops for 2018 in the North Island, and I will be meeting with more South Island leaders this November to arrange other workshops in there next year.

Thank you all for your wonderful support and enthusiasm, Lewis

October 2017 news from Anne Bowie, VP for Oceania

This month it has been so encouraging to see the vision and vibrancy of the NZ team, both at the Conference in Christchurch and the recent Visioning Day, so ably led by Tina Toschi. It’s a delight to see Raj beginning as new National Director, and his presentation at the recent Engage Conference on Reaching Indians with the Gospel was amazing.

Would you believe I am visiting five Oceania nations before Christmas: Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands and finally Tonga, with Rod Story. In all, except Tonga, I am meeting with the Field Workers, conducting an Annual Review of each nation’s ministry, and meeting with Boards and National Directors.  My memory for names will be working overtime!

Thank you for your faithful prayer; we certainly know you’re there!

God blessings always,  Anne Bowie