July 2018 News from Raj

Dear Intercessor,

Greeting to everyone in the name of Jesus!  I have just returned from Malaysia after attending my niece’s wedding. It was the first Christian wedding in our family, so I was really thrilled and excited, as we come from a long generation of Hindus and I am so happy that Jesus broke this cycle of Hinduism in our family.  So I give thanks and Glory to God for making this happen. I also took this opportunity to preach the gospel to the rest of my siblings and relatives and as a result of this another niece of mine, who heard the gospel for the first time, gave her life to Jesus and, not only that, she also brought her close friend, who after hearing the good news about Jesus, made Jesus as her personal saviour.  Glory to God for making this happen!

Overall, many seeds have been planted and I am sure it will harvest in God’s timing as He is the Lord of the Harvest.

Upon return, I have been preparing for the XEE evangelism training at Lynfield Community Church where seven people will be trained and equipped to share the gospel. Please pray for this training to go well.  Anne and I are also preparing to leave for the Cook Islands in July, to help the local team and the USA team equip the CICC (Cook Island Christian Church) to share the gospel with the locals. We pray for a great harvest to come from this training. We will be taking trainees and witness to the local people as part of the training, so do pray that God will prepare the hearts of the people who will receive the seed of Gospel.

Thank you for all you are doing, supporting us with prayer and finance.

Blessings in Jesus name.

Raj, National Director


July 2018 News from Anne

Simon Lovo, National Director in Vanuatu was confined to hospital for the first two months of the year, struck down with a severe arthritis from which the doctors told him he might take six months or more to recover. The inability to do any training or lead his Field Workers made him feel very discouraged and disappointed. To the doctors’ surprise, in late February he began to recover and, despite remaining physical weakness, decided to join a team of Vanuatu leaders who come each year to minister to the seasonal workers that pick fruit in the Bay of Plenty. While he was here, he spent a week with the EENZ team and enjoyed the fellowship of the team at Greenlane Presbyterian Church, as well as getting ‘up to speed’ with new developments in his leadership role. Both his health and enthusiasm have been boosted and he is back to full swing in his ministry. In a recent email he said, “How much I miss the love and hospitality with your EE team and church people.” Praise God for His goodness!

During my trip to Fiji in June, I had meetings with most of the Field Workers, Board Chairman, the new Co-ordinator, did an inventory of Oceania teaching materials and had the pleasure of preaching for a Fijian congregation that meets in the Sofitel Hotel in Denarau.  God blessed these meetings with very positive outcomes.

In 2013, EENZ decided ‘to adopt’ or partner with the Cook Islands and help it develop into an independent national ministry.  In 2014/15 former VP, the late Rev. Richard Harvey and I had meetings with Cook Island leaders and together with Chris Torrey, former NZ Field Worker, helped lead a very successful Classic EE Clinic at the Avarua CICC Church, which was well implemented.  In July, Raj and I will be joining an EE mission team from Lexington, USA, to teach another EE Clinic there, as well as meet with Tangi Tereapii, Cook Island Coordinator and possible Advisory Committee members. High on our list of goals is to introduce the Hope for Kids ministry and promote EE to other Cook Island denominational leaders.

Anne Bowie, VP Oceania