March 2019 News from Anne

Dear Prayer Partners ,

Two highlights last month were eight days in the Solomon Islands, followed by teaching in the Share Your Faith Training Workshop at Greenlane, with ‘the two Raj’s’. It’s a joy to still be active in teaching and training EE at home, thus keeping ‘my feet on the ground’.

The Solomon Islands are known there as “The Hapi Isles”; this description features on every vehicle number plate. This is certainly borne out when you walk down the street by the smiles and number of times people say, “Hello, what’s your name?”  It is an easy place to strike up a conversation and people everywhere are open to the Gospel. Unlike here in New Zealand, the newspapers feature articles on the Christian faith and MPs still write articles about honouring our God of the Bible. EE has been established in the Solomon Islands over the past ten years through the pioneering ministry of Rusi and Sai Tulaga, a Fijian couple, who with their four children went out with the support of EE Fiji.   Now from the Solomon Islands’ base, they have developed EE in the Marshall Islands and are living in Majuro, its capital.  Pastor Ross Masika, previously Chairman of EE Solomon Islands, is transferring to be the new National Director.

I greatly enjoyed spending almost every morning with Ross as we discussed the key aspects of further developing EE training and implementation there. Ross has a fine ‘track record’ of training leaders of all ages in his Joy Harvest Church (what a neat name that is!)  Please pray for Ross and the EE Board there, as they face the huge challenge of contact and communication over nine island provinces so costly and even dangerous to reach. Even greater is the challenge of raising cash in this low wage economy. As well, storms can easily destroy what has been built. Nevertheless, the outlook is very promising with a new enthusiastic leadership team training church members and implementing EE in such a Gospel open society.

May God bless you all abundantly,

Anne Bowie – VP Oceania

March 2019 News from Raj

Greetings in Jesus name,

In March we ran our first SYF (Share Your Faith) training for 2019 at Greenlane Presbyterian church attended by 10 different churches. It was a one-day workshop, followed by 7-week EV2 (Everyday Evangelism) training.  Anne, Raj Kashyap and I had the privilege to teach and equip 12 people in total.

I also had an opportunity to be part of a gospel outreach organised by a in Howick. We gave out free drinks and cookies outside a mall and attracted mostly young adults, who were searching for their purpose in life. We shared and connected with about 30 people and three young adults gave their life to Christ on that day. The church has invited them to them church, where they will be discipled and nurtured. One of the young men lives in the city but happened to be in Howick to visit his friend.  Little did he know that it was the appointed time for him to make a decision for Christ. He came face to face with our living God, Jesus Christ and knew in his heart that this is the right thing to do. He looked overwhelmed, convicted by the Holy Spirit and thanked us for the experience and encounter with Jesus. Below is a photo of one of our team members outside the mall.

Our AGM is coming up on Sunday 5 May. Wow ! One year has passed so quickly. Diarise and do attend – it will be hosted at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, starting at 3pm followed by our Supporters’ Dinner. The address is 223, Weymouth Road, Manurewa and there is heaps of parking. Please RSVP to by 29th April 2019.

Have a blessed month.

Raj Narayanan, National Director