Share Your Faith Workshop, 05 October 2019

When:  05 October 2019

Where:  Greenlane Presbyterian Church, 211 Great South Road, Greenlane, Auckland

Time:  9am – 4pm

August 2019 News from Raj

Greetings in Jesus name,

Thank you for all your prayers for the recent Hope for Kids school holiday programme at Otahuhu Community Baptist church, where 41 children attended, many of them hearing the gospel for the first time. At the conclusion of the three days, 35 children made commitments to follow Jesus. Praise the Lord for the awesome work of the Holy Spirit, gently nudging them. Here is a testimony text sent by one of the kids:

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Shanthi. This holiday programme really helped me to learn more about the free gift of eternal life. Thank you once again for making these three days a blast! God bless you”.

This testimony helped us understand the impact that the H4K programme and EE has as a ministry to equip adults to teach the children the gospel and equip them to share with others. Please keep praying for the Hope for Kid ministry to grow throughout New Zealand.

On another note, here is another wonderful testimony. Last week, a car service salesman knocked on our door at home. He offered a very competitive pricing that beats my current car service price. So I invited him into my home, and signed up a very good deal. Right before leaving the man asked me “Sir, what is your job?” I told him that I am involved in church work, as he may not understand the meaning of Evangelism. I then asked him, “Do you go to church?” to which he replied that he has not been for some time now. I then asked him “Who is Jesus for you?” using the EE training technique to get into the gospel. He said “Jesus is my friend”. I agreed that Jesus is a friend and then said “Do you know that Jesus is also God”, he looked surprised.  I went on to share the gospel by starting off with my testimony, followed by the book of sin transaction. At the end of the sharing I looked at him and I saw that he was clearly moved by the gospel message and started to cry. Tears were flowing and Shanthi quickly offered the tissue box (you can see from the picture below). Right in our living room, this man gave his life to Jesus. It was one of the most powerful experiences I have had to witness, and I am sure it was for him too.  I gave him the book of John, did the Roman handshake, and swapped phone numbers. I will follow up with him now. All of this started when I opened my door to a complete stranger who knocked on my door.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, always be ready to share the gospel with the people whom God brings intentionally into your life. If you need a refresher EE course, please contact us. We are here for you.

God bless you and your family. Please continue to pray for our ministry.


Raj Narayanan, EENZ National Director

August 2019 News from Anne

Dear Prayer Partners,

Spring beckons, daffodils are coming out in my garden, and the EE Congress of Nations is almost here!  How quickly the year flies by. In this letter, there is good news and disappointing news.

The good news is that the Congress Programme looks great.  Norman Blackaby, EEI Board member  is the Bible teacher each morning, followed by prayer time, presentations, discussions and resolutions on a variety of strategic issues, namely: new materials, internet training, strategy for reaching People Groups, leadership growth, developing succession in leaders, coaching for transformational leadership, growing young leaders, developing EE in new nations, the role of the Boards, building effective teams, and asking how many nations we need in order to reach the world with Gospel equipping.  Our own Raj is the Chairperson of the New Tools Track: Strategy for the Future and will be moderating the discussion on what materials we need and how we might accelerate materials development. Congress is a time for listening to the Holy Spirit, sharing experience and insights, developing fresh, creative and relevant ways to reach the world with the Gospel.

The concerning news, however, is that nine of our delegates so far do not have entry visas into Albania. Please pray that the leaders from Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Fiji and the Solomon Islands will get them in time. Visa application has been a long and tricky process.  Leaders in Africa and a few in Asia are also waiting. Please remember them as well.

Finally, EE Cook Islands have decided not to be admitted as a multiplying nation at this Congress.  They will continue however, to develop and grow the ministry there in partnership with New Zealand and within Oceania.

Anne Bowie, VP Oceania

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