June News from Tina

Once again we had a wonderful time of fellowship and thanksgiving at our Supporters’ Dinner last month.  The reports from the various ministries were so inspiring and a true testimony that God is at work: in New Zealand, in the Pacific, and worldwide.  Without your support that could never have happened.

When you did your EE training, you were given a booklet called Partners in Praying.  Have you looked at it lately?  One of the key verses come from Ex 17:9-13, where Aaron and Hur helped to keep Moses’s hands up.  They were his support troops.  You are our support troop and without your prayers EE would be totally ineffective.

Our team is gradually growing and we are very excited about a Visioning Day we have planned on 5 July when we will discuss how God wants us to grow and what we need to change.  We are also working on improving our avenues of communication (making them more 21st century).

Thank you for holding our hands high.  Thank you for rejoicing with us.  May we continue to build each other up and encourage one another.

Tina Toschi
Interim Director/Facilitator of EENZ