May News from Raj

We recently completed the XEE implementation workshop at Remuera Chinese Methodist Church and during the on-the-job training, an Iranian Muslim man, who heard the gospel for the very first time, said “I have never heard anything like this before, thanks for sharing with me”. The seed was planted in his heart and he has agreed to a weekly bible study to learn more about Jesus. Praise the Lord! I also shared the gospel with a young waitress who was suffering from depression and was suicidal. She accepted Christ and felt immediately the depression leave her. The power of God was evident as she was filled in the Spirit. I am now discipling her to grow in Christ.  We have also completed the Share Your Faith workshop in Massey Presbyterian church, which went really well. Thank you for all your prayers. We will now go on and complete the seven weeks EV2 with couple of trainees.

Raj Narayanan