September 2017 news from Anne Bowie, VP for Oceania

Last month was such an exciting one for me, both in Oceania and New Zealand. It began with the New Zealand Conference in Christchurch, which although small in attendance, was large in the commitment, enthusiasm and energy of those present and opened up so many contacts. It was great to be back in Christchurch and renewed links with Grace Presbyterian have resulted in a wonderful opportunity to equip people there with XEE in October/November, as well as Lewis and team’s Hope for Kids training this month. Mid-month it was a joy to join Raj and Chris in training gifted adult leaders in XEE over two weekends at Massey Community Church. Consolidation of that training is just beginning. Then I was ‘over the ditch’ to Wollongong, to meet with the Chairman of the EE Australia Board, and two other members to do its Annual Review.  The whole Board will respond to the group findings in early September and this will form their action plan for 2018. I caught up with Langdon Stewart in Wollongong and how good it was to spend the best part of a day with him. Finally, I spent four wonderful days in Croydon Park, West Sydney, co-teaching a Hope for Kids Workshop with Wendy Sin, a truly veteran EE Teacher/Trainer.  Leaders from four Chinese congregations and one Burmese came to be qualified to teach H4K programmes in their churches.  One of these was Pastor Angelo Ho, EE Chinese Director, who very gifted and enthusiastic, and who will now be able to go on and train more leaders in the Chinese Churches. We thank God for the six children who invited Jesus into their lives at the on-the-job training time on Sunday. This is what it’s all about!  Wendy Sin had the vision and determination to persist in making this workshop happen. She is an inspiration of passion and commitment to evangelism and especially to EE. Wendy showed me her scrapbooks of photos and records of EE training in Sydney, wider Australia and Oceania going back well over 20 years. She must have equipped hundreds of leaders of all ages! A truly unsung ‘heroine’, she reminded me of the verse: “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord.” (Romans 12:11) May this be said of us!