November 2017 from Anne Bowie, VP for Oceania

In October I joined the other VP’s at the half-yearly conference, this time held at the Kennedy Centre in Fiji. We were blessed by the characteristic warm welcome and generous hospitality of the Fijians, the glorious sunshine each day and by the joy of being together with the team. Two highlights stand out: the devotions each morning led by Archbishop Harry Goodhew from chapters 2-4 of 2 Corinthians, and the teaching on leadership by Brian Brown, an American leadership developer. Brian is a deeply committed Christian, who once was a pastor of a large church and teaches humbly and honestly out of his personal experience. He told us that the word “lead” used to mean “to go forth and die”. This was because in ancient battles, the leader rode out in front of the army where he was most likely to be killed. Later the leader rode further back beside the King or Commander, to be near him. To be a good leader, you must be a good follower and servant. Jesus supremely demonstrated this by washing the disciples’ feet on the evening before he died. Brian reminded us that for us it means being where Jesus the King is and being ready to die for him and die to self. I found this deeply convicting.
May you be blessed as you serve him in these days