November 2017 News from Raj

Anne and I have been travelling the lower South Island, visiting churches to promote EE ministries to the local ministers and pastors. We had the XEE training at Christchurch Grace Presbyterian Church over two weekends and in between we visited Dunedin and headed south to Invercargill, to promote EE to the evangelical churches over there. We then return to Christchurch on Friday to complete Day-2 and Day-3 of our XEE training. We had 7 wonderful trainees, who were all eager to be trained. In fact, I was invited to their Gospel outreach at the local skate park one Saturday, where I met many teenagers and young adults who came from broken families, divorced parents, moving from one foster home to another. They were spiritually lost and were without hope. I had a great conversation with Ben, a young man in his twenties, who had left home, and was suffering bouts of serious depression. He was at the skate park almost daily to escape from the mental agony and suffering. I shared Jesus’s love with Ben and he was touched by what we are doing to reach out to him and others. There were so many lost souls like Ben at the skate park, as well as in many areas within Christchurch, and it gave us and our team a reason and impetus to do what we went out to do, that is to take the gospel to those who need hope.

Finally, please join me in welcoming our new volunteer, Ruth, who is not only a SYF/EV2 trainer, but who will also be responsible for promoting EE via new marketing materials and strategies.
Thank you and blessings,