February 2018 News from Anne

This year opens with its fresh vision, opportunities and particular challenges. The first trip is to Tonga, where EE Australia has been helping the ministry of EE to grow and it looks entirely possible it will be ready to join as a Multiplying Nation at the 2019 Congress of Nations. Rod Story is introducing me to all the key players on this trip so I can assist the process from now on.

Then in the middle of February, I plan a visit to Fiji to oversee the sending out of training materials to Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. These are stored at the Kennedy Training Centre. I’ll go on to Vanuatu to re-visit the Director and his team there and meet with the Board. Near the end of February is the long-awaited visit to the Solomon Islands to do its Annual Review.  Development there is also well advanced and it could also be ready to join as a Multiplying Nation next year. After these three trips, I’m looking forward to being home and joining Raj in teaching Share Your Faith and XEE.

During the holidays, I was glad to be able to be in Timaru, helping my sister who had an operation. Thank you for your prayers. She came through it well and is making a promising recovery.

I really like the caption on Daily Bread’s Calendar for January: “Don’t tell God how big your giants are, tell your giants how big your God is.”  Let’s remember that at all times in 2018!

Anne Bowie  VP OCEANIA