February 2018 News from Raj

Happy New Year everyone! I greet each one of you in the name of our Lord Jesus and may the Lord’s blessing and providence be upon you abundantly in 2018.

In regards to our EE mission and ministry, we are heading for a great start in February, with three confirmed SYF/EV2 (Share your Faith/Everyday Evangelism) trainings this month.  My team and I are looking forward to empowering the different people groups and age groups in each of these churches with the simple EE SYF/EV2 evangelism tool. Please pray for these to be a great success.

In regards to my personal witnessing that I do each week, the Lord used me to share the gospel to two young couples. To the first couple, I asked the Q1 and Q2 questions and both replied that they do not have any assurance that they will be with God in Heaven. They professed that they have been too sinful and not good enough to enter heaven. I shared the good news that salvation is a free gift and is not dependent upon how good you are but is solely dependent on how good God is. It is by God’s grace that we are saved, not of ourselves, it is a free gift from God (Ephesians 2:8). Upon hearing this good news, they both gladly received Jesus Christ as their personal saviour. During the salvation prayer, the young guy was so overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit that tears were flowing and he had to be comforted by his partner. It was so touching to witness this conversion of heart and I am sure Heaven is rejoicing over these two saved souls.

The second young couple that I shared the gospel with were newly married but they had to live separately because the guy had a severe infection on his arm and needs hospitalisation for two months in Middlemore hospital. He was very distressed by this experience and asked for prayer. I prayed with him in the name of Jesus and he was healed – the hospital discharged him within two days!! He is now resting at home and I had the opportunity to visit him and his wife at their home to share the gospel with them. They both accepted Christ as their personal saviour. What a mighty God that we serve. All Glory to Jesus. Please continue to pray for EE ministries as we could not do any of this without your prayer and the power of the Gospel.