February 2018 News from Tina

Welcome to 2018.  I trust that the New Year has started well for each of you.

Exciting news of course is that Raj has a permanent desk in the EE office and can be contacted there at any time.  His passion and enthusiasm and commitment are contagious and, again, I pray that God will use this as Raj empowers others in the same way through the training already scheduled for this term.  Please continue to support him and his family, as you are doing.

Anne’s itinerary reads like a “Lonely Planet” resource and I am thrilled that Oceania has started the year so fruitfully.  EE is a wide open mission field, which anyone can take part in.  Talk to Anne if you want to partner with her in any way – she’d love to hear from you.  I am so pleased that she will still have her desk in the office and be contactable there.

Our first PRAYER & FASTING DAY for EE was on Wed 6 Feb.  Please spend some small part of your day today wherever you are and pray for the EE Mission Field on our doorstep and internationally.

Our first Board Meeting for this year is on Tues 13 Feb.  Again, please uphold us in prayer on that day as we plan and coordinate the ministry for 2018.

We’ve seen incredible transformation in individuals, in families, in churches and across communities because people have had the opportunity to explore a new life in Christ through EE.  Your support helps make it possible for more people in New Zealand to experience this – thank you to each one of you for your faithfulness and continuing commitment to this labour and mission.


Bless you all,