March 2018 News from Tina

2018 is definitely on a roll – we are so encouraged by the training and enthusiasm and interest in EE across such a variety of people groups.  While Raj is harvesting good rewards in Auckland, in March Anne will be in Christchurch to meet with the Hope for Kids teachers/co-ordinators, as well as in Dunedin to present an XEE workshop – this is besides fitting in her visits to Fiji and Solomons.  Pray for her during her travels.

We’re in Lent and our deeply needed call is for prayer – please make a concerted effort to set aside an hour a week (we have set Sundays from 5 – 6 pm aside) and join us as we pray for confidence to start conversations, the right words that will answer people’s needs, responding to divine appointments during the week as we go about our daily routine, and to use what we have learnt (or even parts of it as needed) at every opportunity that comes up.

Two key dates to look forward to:

(1) Raj’s Commissioning by Rev Dr Rod Story on March 18, and

(2) our AGM scheduled for May 4 at 6:30pm.

I am really looking forward to catching up with each of you at these events and hearing your news.  Also diarise the following International Prayer & Fasting dates:  May 1,  Aug 7,  Nov 6.

May our Lord bless you richly as you reap the rewards of your mission into your community.


Bless you all,