April 2018 News from Anne

 The highlight of last month was surely the Commissioning of Raj Narayanan as EE National Director at Greenlane on Sunday 18 March. It was such a privilege and joy to have Rod Story, Executive Vice-President of EE International, here to preach and commission Raj. Thank you to all those who came to support Raj, his wife Shanthi, and their son and daughter David and Ruth, and to celebrate this special occasion. Hopefully all those who were present will not quickly forget Rod’s challenging message on the question: How prepared are you to make a difference? The illustrations he took from the soldier: who to please; the athlete: how to focus; and the farmer; to plant in order to reap, are important.  So was the challenge Raj gave to us all to stand and partner with him in prayer, encouragement and financial support.

Wonderful answers to prayer on several fronts this month.  Simon Lovo in Vanuatu is making a good recovery from his illness and is now picking up plans for the year ahead. For a few years now, he has been coming once a year to Tauranga, to help minister to the seasonal fruit pickers from Vanuatu and he wants to bring his wife, Isobel, with him in May. I’m hoping to arrange some church meetings so that they can share about the EE ministry in Vanuatu – one of these will be at Greenlane Presbyterian in Auckland.

I am also rejoicing in the vitality of the EE ministry I found in the Solomon Islands. Rusi Turaga, the National Director, and his wife Sai are living in the Marshall Islands now to develop the EE ministry towards independence.  Rusi has left the Solomons in good hands, under the direction of Pastor Ross Marika, now Board Chairman. He is a very enthusiastic EE Teacher/Teacher, has equipped his church leaders well and has a fine operating model of an EE church. It warmed my heart to see the new church planting and building in the villages, despite the big challenge for Field Workers, many of whom live in the distant island regions. Three of them came to Honiara to meet with me from nearest island of Malieta, an eight hour journey! Local Area Ministry teams have much potential in this situation.

Anne Bowie, VP Oceania