May 2018 News from Raj

Dear Intercessor,

Greetings to everyone,

Wow! What a wonderful event we had on Sunday 29th April. The Supporters’ Dinner and AGM held at the Greenlane Presbyterian Church was jam packed with supporters, prayer warriors, intercessors, Pastors, leaders, elders, donors, young and old, united in one spirit to hear the many testimonies from people whose lives have been impacted and transformed by the power and revelation of who Jesus Christ is. I was truly honoured to take part in this wonderful event and for those who missed this event, don’t worry, there is always another opportunity to attend the next Dinner and AGM in 2019.

During the evening we heard a moving testimony from Priya, a new Hindu convert, who spoke from the heart with tears rolling down her cheeks, sharing how she gave up her entire Hindu belief system and religion to embrace Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour and Lord. She was only saved last year, yet she could witness to so many powerful encounters with Jesus that were real and tangible and patently evident as she spoke. While Jesus has not fixed every problem in her life, contrary to prosperity preaching which claims that God will make our lives completely perfect and prosperous and we don’t have to carry our cross, Priya told us about her struggles, her brokenness, her problems.  Nevertheless, despite it all, we could see the Joy of the Lord and the peace in her face.

We also heard from Reverend Tony Spandow, whose church, St Paul’s Presbyterian in Manurewa, has recently completed a six-week Share your Faith training with 23 members of the church. At the end of this EE training, the church held an outreach camp at Hamilton, where 60 people of all ages, young and old, gave their lives to Jesus Christ upon hearing the Gospel message presented using the EE sharing method. Glory to God! What a wonderful testimony; Heaven must be rejoicing.

During the evening, a 10-year old boy, Fred, shared how he was saved through EE’s Hope for Kids conducted by the EE Chinese Ministry team under the supervision of Ada Shea. It is wonderful to see the gospel spreading among the Chinese people. We also gave thanks for the NZ Chinese Ministry team who have recently completed EE Classic Training in Vanuatu, where 35 people heard the gospel and 15 people made professions of faith.

Another testimony was given about how a man, who had suffered 40 years of depression from the age of 23, was healed by the power of Jesus and how he no longer depends on medication as he has been completely healed by Jesus Christ and was cleared by a health specialist as fully recovered.

During the evening, I had the pleasure of submitting the EE National Director’s report for the past year. By the end of 2017 we had completed 34 national workshops for 263 participants from 81 churches, during which 262 new people were reached with the gospel and 68 made professions of faith. Not only that, local church evangelism resulted in another 260 people making professions of faith. This is without a doubt God’s hand upon our ministry, as well as in the commitment and hard of work of EE staff, volunteers and prayer partners responding to the opportunities that God presented to us to equip churches and bring the gospel to those who are yet to hear the good news about our Lord and Saviour.

I am immensely grateful to the Board of EE New Zealand, for the great leadership of our Chairman, Chris Lange, and for friend and mentor Tina Toschi, who did a fabulous job as the Interim Director until I was appointed as National Director in August 2017.

I wish to pay tribute to all the generous donors who continue to support the EENZ Ministry, without whom none of this good work could happen.

We have been blessed by the hard work of 40 volunteer trainers throughout the country, helping and supporting in various workshops and training events; may God continue to prosper and grow this vital work.

There are many to whom special thanks are due, especially our faithful intercessors, particularly those who pray every day for EE, individually and in groups. The on-going support of Greenlane Presbyterian Church is much appreciated for the use of the building for EE events.

My deep appreciation goes to Ilse van Rensburg, our Administrator, who works so hard in supporting all the work of the ministry and keeping the accounts and who now has an expanding role. Much appreciated is also the day-to-day help and assistance of David Kirby in accounting matters and Melanie Malcolm on numerous matters concerning the computer and accounts. The assistance of Marion Henderson and Martin Pennycuick of Vision Consulting Ltd. in the annual checking of our accounts is valued as well.

Our deep thanks goes to every single person who shares in this marvellous partnership in the Gospel. To God be all glory.

Blessings in Jesus name.

Raj, National Director