June 2018 News from Anne

 I was sad to miss the Annual Supporters’ Dinner, which from all accounts was a very inspirational evening. I was on the way to Malang, Indonesia, to join the other VP’s for our half-yearly conference. It is always great to pray, learn, discuss and plan together as a team. John Sorensen, EE International President, generally gives us a report on the health of the global work to see if the world-wide ministry is growing, plateaued or declining. Regular evaluation helps find out what needs to be improved or refined. Seven Vital Signs of a Health Ministry have been established as being: Active Churches, Training Events, Reported Professions of Faith, Field Staff, Hope for Kids, Gross Revenue and Active Donors. Praise God that, in the first quarter of this year, six of the signs indicate health, but there is one area of real concern: the number of active EE churches world-wide appears to be declining. First and foremost, EE is an equipping ministry and it is a lost opportunity when church members train in EE, but fail to go on and train anyone else.  As Dr. Kennedy said, “Just as it’s better to teach a person to fish rather than merely give them a fish; it’s more important to train a soul winner than to save a soul.” That is how every person in the world can be reached with the Gospel. Please pray that in all our EE workshops, God will raise up church members who will take responsibility for training and equipping others.

Shortly after I returned from Indonesia, we welcomed Simon Lovo, Vanuatu National Director, who stayed a week in Auckland and visited the EE Office most days. He also spent time with our leaders and even joined in the XEE Workshop at Greenlane on 19 May. One day, Ada Shea, Chinese Ministry Director, came to see Simon and took us both out for a delicious lunch.  You may remember that EE was introduced to the Chinese Church in Port Vila by her mission leadership team in April last year. Returning this year, they found the Church had doubled in size. She reported the great news that the Church, having enthusiastically implemented EE, now has so many new believers that their church building has become too small!  More than that, they are planning to plant a Chinese church on the neighbouring island of Malekula.  This is evangelism explosion.                                 

Anne Bowie, VP Oceania