August 2018 News from Anne

This last month has been such an encouraging one. First of all, the mission trip to the Cook Islands about which Raj has written was a wonderful time of shared mission, both with the enthusiastically committed believers at Titikaveka and the team from Lexington, Kentucky. It reminded me of the power of the gospel in reaching whole families. One night I had the joy of sharing the Gospel and seeing a whole family of six profess their faith in Christ, from father to six-year-old son.  Another evening a family of five came to faith. All glory to God!

The focus of this month is the EE Oceania Conference in Australia.  It is very exciting that there are 32 leaders coming from nine nations right across the Pacific: Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Australia, Tonga, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, the Cook Islands and New Zealand. They include the National Directors and Coordinators, Board Chairperson or member, ten Field Workers and leaders of the Chinese EE Ministries in Australia and New Zealand. Everyone will be living in at the camp, so you can well imagine the sharing and networking there will be, apart from the leadership and workshop sessions each day. Topics will include “Everyone Hears”, Rod Story’s presentation of EE’s plan for the next four years, Team Development, New Strategies, Building Local Area Teams, Growing Partner Nations and Looking after Volunteers. We will hear and see visual presentations from each of the six Multiplying Nations, hold workshops on the challenging areas of master planning, fund raising, reporting and keeping records, coaching, and perseverance in helping local churches implement their training. At the end of the week Paul and Anita Bertrand from the Philippines will be leading a training day in Explorers’ Club, the official follow-up course for children after they’ve done Hope for Kids. It won’t be “all work and no play” because there are more informal sessions in the evenings and, right in the middle of the week, a tour of the local scenic area as well as dinner.  Out of this week, will come ideas and recommendations from Boards and Staff that will go forward to the Congress of EE Nations next year.

Please pray for these leaders who are coming from some nations and situations where it is a big challenge to raise the funds for an air ticket. Pray that they will all get their visas to enter Australia, which has recently become more difficult, and in time for the Conference starting on 20 August. Most of all pray that God will be in our midst, leading, inspiring and teaching us by the Holy Spirit and that Jesus will launch us into a new season of harvest in Oceania.

Anne Bowie, VP Oceania