August 2018 News from Raj

“Kia Orana” everyone,

This is how we greeted each other in the Cook Islands, when Anne and I were there from 15 to 24 Jul. We were based in Rarotonga, and joined up the EE American team led by Alan Bussie. Alan and his wife Vanessa, Pastor Steve, Richard, Anne and I joined together and equipped 15 CICC (Cook Island Christian Church) members to share the gospel. The members were from Titikaweka (Southern region of the island) and Avarua (main city centre). The training was conducted during weekday evenings and concluded with OJT (On Job Training) every night, when we met people in the streets and their homes, sharing the gospel. Each night we were thrilled to see up to seven people professing Jesus as their personal Saviour. In total 35 people were saved after five days of training and witnessing. Glory to God ! Alan and Vanessa have stayed back to equip the trainees in discipleship as this is the next step we are undertaking through the CICC church.

One of the highlights for me was sharing the gospel with a Cook Island man who had lost his assurance of salvation due to illness and personal circumstances. As I shared the gospel, that eternal life is a free gift and cannot be earned but only received by the finished work of Christ, he started to weep uncontrollably in repentance, for thinking that he had to be perfect and good to receive the gift of salvation. After hearing and seeing the full gospel presentation, he recommitted his life to Christ and the very next day, his entire physical body had started to heal. His wife and daughter could immediately see the difference and they were overjoyed by the remarkable healing that came from the power of salvation. Once again, I witnessed Romans 1:16 in action: “I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation for everyone”. Glory to Jesus.

On the home front, the XEE training at Lynfield community church is entering week 5 and this Saturday we are planning to do OJT.  If anyone is keen, please contact us and join us to witness the power of gospel in action.

Thank you for all you are doing, supporting us with prayer and finance as we labour together on the mission field.

Blessings in Jesus name.

Raj, National Director