October 2018 news from Chris Lange, Board Chairman

My two boys have always enjoyed spending time with me, particularly if it involves anything outside. Ever since they learnt to walk, they would come running every time I trie to go outside. Somehow from anywhere in the house they would detect sound of me putting my shoes on, and would come running while yelling “coming”! They would never ask me about where I was going or what I was doing. They were too busy pulling their boots on as fast as they could to ask irrelevant questions like that. Sometimes this was just taking the compost out and other times it was going on big adventures like cycling. It didn’t matter what it was, what mattered was that we were together.

Their eagerness to spend time with their dad reminds me of when Jesus first called His disciples. He simply said “Come follow Me” and “At once they left their nets and followed him”(Matt 4:20). Following Jesus is an adventure. Jesus is still calling each of us today to join Him in this adventure, to go where He goes and do as He does. So when you next sense Jesus calling you, will you jump at the opportunity? I pray our response will always be “coming!” Your adventure awaits!

Chris Lange