December 2018 News from Raj

Praise the Lord! We have entered into the final month of 2018. How fast this year has passed. We are now heading towards the season of celebrating Christmas and remembering the great love of our Father in heaven, who gave His Son Jesus Christ as a gift for us, a gift of salvation and redemption. I hope that during this time of holiday and celebration, you will take a moment to reflect all that you have achieved this year and give thanks to God Almighty for giving you the wisdom, knowledge and favour to accomplish them.

In the same way, I have done a reflection on the achievement of EENZ ministry this year and am happy to share with you that it has been another great year for EENZ, seeing great successes in adult workshops, implementations, OJTs, conference participation and an increase in ministry partnerships. Our 2018 results show that we have completed 20 workshops in total for the year, with 270 people trained, 53 churches attended, 266 people heard the gospel and 117 made Jesus their personal Saviour. Needless to mention the many hundreds who are saved apart from the workshops. This awesome success is largely attributed to God’s hand upon our ministry and the great commitment from EE staff, our volunteers, intercessors and prayer warriors, responding to the opportunities that God presents for us to equip churches and share the Gospel with those who are yet to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

This year we also formed a brand-new EE ministry chat group called “Fishers of people” in WhatsApp social media application. These are people who have been recently trained in EE ministry and we actively use this chat group to communicate and build relationships with one another. We encourage one another, pray for the needs of the members, organise weekly/bi-weekly witnessing, motivate each other with devotions and share learnings from our witnessing and teaching. We have 26 participants at present and I foresee this group to grow bigger and bigger next year.

On other note, this year we have put considerable effort into training and equipping the Cook Island churches in EE, especially the CICC church, and this is bearing fruit as many trained members are now faithfully doing weekly visits to various homes and sharing the gospel with families and friends. Many people are being saved each week. All glory to Jesus.  And not only that, they are preparing to become the next island in the Oceania region to become an EE Multiplying Nation at the 2019 Congress in Albania. We are hopeful that by February 2019, the Cooks would have selected a National Director, a Chairman, a treasurer and committee members. When we look back, it is amazing progress, seeing how EE started in the Cook Islands in 2003 at an embryonic stage, but is now achieving full maturity. God’s hand is definitely in the Cook Islands.

I, together with the entire EE team here, would like to wish you a fabulous Christmas and happy holidays. May the Lord bless you and keep you well during this festive season. I’m looking forward to 2019 and to see you in the New Year.

Blessings, Raj Narayanan – EENZ National Director

Raj K, Dency, Lewis, Raj N, Jimmy