June 2019 News from Anne

Dear Prayer Partners

I have just returned from the Vice-Presidents’ Conference and their individual reports to the EE International Board in Asheville, USA. These reports, representing the entire global ministry of EE, gave rise to great rejoicing before God, but also revealed deep challenges. EE has grown globally by 200% over the last nine years, which is amazing, but also explains why staff and volunteers are feeling the strain of having ‘too much to do’.  We are visionaries seeking to reach the world, but to do that we need to recruit more talent, younger talent, develop and care for it more, as well as improve and simplify our systems and raise more finance.  Among much news is the 1.6 million people in Africa came to Christ over the first three months of this year and that one EE leader, who single-handedly brought the nation of Bolivia to Multiplying status in just one year!  Despite our shortcomings, God is working mightily through the ministry of EE.

Anne Bowie, VP Oceania