July 2019 News from Raj

Greetings in Jesus name,

Winter is here, and we can feel the temperature dropping down. However, this cold weather will not stop our evangelism work which continues each day, both with equipping the saints and witnessing at the malls. My Monday night is fully dedicated to discipling new believers, Tuesday night for EV2 training, Wednesday night for XEE training, Thursday night for witnessing at the mall, Friday evening a break and Saturday could be either a Share Your Faith “one day” training or Hope for Kids training, depending on the need of the saints. I love what God has called me to do for His kingdom. Please keep praying for me and EE, for endurance and perseverance to do God’s work with diligence and joy.

Towards the end of June, Shanthi and I ran a Hope for Kids workshop at a local church, to equip children leaders who will be running a school holiday programme at the church during the 2nd week of July. This school holiday programme is to invite children from the broken homes residing in the community and bringing them the good news of Jesus Christ as well as equipping them to witness to others. The leader of the holiday programme is in contact with the community social workers who are working with women who face violent abuse at home from their spouse. Very often children coming from these homes display aggressive behaviour and they need love and care. Most importantly, they need Jesus as their personal Saviour.  This is a free holiday programme that the church runs each year with up to 70 kids attending. This year it is a privilege for Evangelism Explosion Ministries to take part, not only to equip leaders to share the Gospel, but also to run the programme. Please keep this programme in your prayers. Please pray that many children will hear the Gospel and make a commitment to receive Jesus as their personal Saviour.

Other good news is that we have one of our EE trainees currently in Fiji equipping young people on how to share the Gospel and also doing daily door knocking in the villages to take the good news to the local residence. He is daily seeing people giving their lives to Jesus and also experiencing physical healing and freedom from strongholds and spiritual oppression. This is a wonderful effort taken by someone who is passionate about spreading the good news to the lost. Please keep him in your prayers. We also have another EE trainee witnessing in the mall every Thursday, taking the good news of Jesus Christ to the people at the shopping mall. Please keep him in prayers as he has recently undergone eye surgery and is resting at home. Please pray for quick recovery and healing for his eyes.

Have a fabulous month filled with Christ’s love and peace.


Raj Narayanan, EENZ National Director