October 2019 News from Raj

Greetings in Jesus name,

A few weeks ago I met a young girl who was severely depressed and suicidal. A friend of mine introduced her to me. Twice she tried to take her own life. She is only 23 and has a whole life to live for. But she has lost all hope and wanted to end her life like many young people in this nation. I had a long conversation with her and shared the gospel and gave her hope in Christ. I demonstrated the book of sin and, praise the Lord, she accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour. She understood what Jesus has done for her at the Calvary. I am currently following up with her. Please keep her in your prayers. For privacy purpose, I won’t be able to share her name.

The next day, after my sharing with this young girl, Jesus provided another opportunity, this time to share the gospel with a family who have all the luxuries of the world, with the latest gadgets, technology and comforts of life and even a million-dollar seaside view, but they were missing peace and joy that only Jesus could bring. I shared the gospel and prayed for them. They were very open towards the gospel and had many questions about Christianity. However, they needed more time to make that final decision. I see this as seeds planted and waiting for the harvest in God’s timing. 

On Saturday morning the same week, I was part of an outreach in the Botany neighbourhood, where eight people got saved, which brought tears of joy to me. I was reminded of what Jesus said, in John 4:35, “Look up and see, the fields are ripe and ready to harvest. The question is, Are we ready to be part of this harvest? Or are we neglecting it due to the busyness around us?

I am sharing this to encourage each one of you to share the gospel intentionally with those around you. The harvest is all around you. It is not too far away. If you are unable to share the gospel then please continue to pray for us and support us financially so that we can do this with your support. But it will take some sort of sacrifice on your part. Whatever it is, please, don’t let the worries of this world choke you and cause you to lose sight of the dying world around us. Jesus is coming soon. After that, it is night time, so let’s work while it is still day.   Let everything we do glorify Jesus.


Raj Narayanan, EENZ National Director