November 2019 News from Raj

Greetings everyone,

Spring is here and one can see the beautiful cherry blossoms blooming in many streets of Auckland as you drive by. The cherry blossoms symbolise the beauty of God and His awesome creation for us to marvel at and appreciate, so take a moment to stop from the busyness of life and enjoy His creation.

In the last newsletter, you may recall the story about a wealthy family living in a huge mansion with a million-dollar seaside view. Guess what? Last week, I received a phone call from that family, who called me up and asked for another visit to their home, rather urgently. When I arrived at their home, the father of the family shared that after my last visit three weeks ago, they could not shrug off Jesus from their minds and admitted that they are actually missing out on true happiness that could only come by making Jesus their personal Saviour. I was blown away by this news!  Glory, Hallelujah! So, with a lot of joy I led this family to the Lord through the salvation prayer. In my heart, I was jumping with joy. After planting the gospel seed three weeks ago, God grew the seed (1 Cor 3:6) and provided the harvest in His perfect timing. I was so jubilant by the salvation of this family. The Holy Spirit had gone before me and prepared everything ahead of time.

In fact, the wife had tears rolling down her cheeks when she received Christ. It was a beauty to watch. I then prayed over them, blessed their marriage, their new relationship with Christ. I demonstrated the roman handshake, which was powerful. I gave them a Bible, showed them how to read it, and taught them a prayer that they could say as a family each night. They are leaving for a holiday soon and when they are back, I will start a weekly bible study with them to disciple them. Please keep them in prayers. They have two children.

There are so many testimonies of salvation over the past couple of weeks. Almost daily I get the opportunity to visit, pray and share the Gospel with many people. It is really exciting. By the way, currently Shanthi, Ruth (daughter), David (son) and I are undergoing an 8-week mission school training (in the 10 – 40 window). We are planning to travel to the Middle East next year on a short-trip mission to share the gospel among Syrian refugees who are residing there. They are Muslim and have not heard the gospel and we feel burdened for them.  We will be raising funds for this, so please pray about whether the Lord prompts you to partner with us. Thank you very much.

We also had a wonderful Share your Faith training on the 5th October and equipped nine trainees (see pictures below and opposite).  They are now doing the 7-weeks EV2. We also had six trainers helping us in the workshop. Praise the Lord for providing many trainers for our workshop.

Everyone introducing themselves at the Share Your Faith Workshop at Greenlane Presbyterian Church
Lunch and fellowship


Allan demonstrating the “book of sin”
Trainees practicing the “book of sin” story
Trainees practicing the “book of sin” story

Thank you for all your prayer support and financial support. Have a blessed month.

Raj Narayanan, EENZ National Director