November 2018 News from Raj

Greetings to everyone in the mighty name of Jesus.

It has been another fabulous month for our EE ministry in general. We started October with EE Classic training for four churches in the Rarotonga across five days – 28 people were trained and on the last night of the training, eight teams went out and witnessed to people in homes and streets. The outcome was 10 people heard the gospel and three souls saved. Praise the Lord! Heaven is rejoicing. The team leaders are now following up the three who received Christ to disciple them. Not only that, but those who have been trained have also made a commitment to meet weekly at their churches and carry on witnessing and multiplying.

Here is one of the messages posted by the witnessing team, on Facebook.

“Avarua EE team is on their 3rd week home visit. God is moving mightily and we are seeing souls receiving Christ as their Personal Saviour. It has brought feelings of joy and peace at the same time to the families that have been visited. Remember, it’s not about denominations, it’s not about religion, it’s not about doctrine, but it is about our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, Amen”.

End of this year, the four churches in Rarotonga are coming together to form an EE national committee for the Cook Islands to select an EE chairman, treasurer, secretary and National Director. Please pray for this to go well and that they will become a multiplying nation by the 2019 Congress in Albania.


On the home front, we have just completed the “Share your Faith” training with St. James Presbyterian Church in Pukekohe and have started our weekly witnessing and discipling there. We have had several wonderful testimonies from the witnessing team, where 11 people heard the gospel, one person was saved and with one recommitment to Christ. One was an atheist, who initially started off very defensively and didn’t want to know anything to do with God, but after further questioning on his reasons and a deeper conversation, he gladly received the “Do you know for sure if you are going to Heaven” booklet.  From being an atheist, he has now become a seeker of the truth – that is tremendous development.  Glory to God.

We have also completed the 3rd week of XEE training at Massey Community Church, where up to 15 people are being trained. The training is progressing very well. We have three more Sundays to teach and will then go out witnessing. We have also started another five-week XEE training at Greenlane Presbyterian Church, as well as Share Your Faith training in Henderson, West Auckland.  We have planned a Hope for Kids workshop in November at Greenlane Presbyterian, which starts from the 16th and finishes on the 18th.  If you would like to register via the website, click here or on Facebook, click here.  Please share with anyone who’s interested in attending.

Have a blessed month ahead and please keep praying for EE ministry.  Thank you.

Raj, National Director


October 2018 News from Raj

Greetings to everyone in the mighty name of Jesus.

This month, I was privileged to be part of 3 conferences: One Million Children Conference, Engage Conference and Youth Unshaken Conference. I was given the opportunity to speak at the One Million Children and Youth Unshaken Conference and my highlight was seeing a young girl in her wheel chair, Lydia Wilson from New Plymouth, giving out gospel tracts to all those who attended the One Million Children conference. Despite having progressive muscular dystrophy, unable to speak clearly, paralysed from the leg down, she is filled with the love of Christ and the joy of the Lord.  Lydia was handing out her tracts, talking to people, giving them hope that if she could do this so could everyone. Lydia brought tears to my eyes because in her, I saw the joy that sometimes eludes me and many of us as we become entangled with work, life’s busyness, family, relationship and ministry and here I see a young girl able to give a beautiful smile of hope and joy to everyone around her. She was radiant, a magnet, and everyone gravitated towards her – the reason was simple: she had Christ in her, the hope of Glory. She lived and spoke like Christ. I saw God in her and I witnessed His presence in her.  She is doing all of this in a wheelchair. How much more should we be out there with both our feet sharing the gospel to a lost world that needs to hear about the hope in Christ, the eternal life that is awaiting them. Come on! Let’s go and preach the gospel. Romans 1:16 “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is power of God at work, saving everyone who believes”, and Romans 10:15: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news to others”.  Have a blessed month. I hope you are as encouraged as I am.

If you have time please visit her blog at Read her daily witnessing stories.

Blessings in Jesus name,

Raj, National Director


November 2018 News from Anne


The highlight of the last month was the ten-day meeting with John Sorensen, President of EE International, Rod Story, Specialist VPs, the six other Continental VPs and Congress organisers in Tirana, Albania. As you know, this is where the Fourth Congress of Nations will be held in just over nine months’ time. It is getting very close!  We were there for our usual six-monthly conference, but also to check out the venue, the programme and arrangements. As we have found, whenever national leaders gather, there are big advantages in having everyone stay in one venue, where delegates can talk, share experiences, make and renew friendships and network. And Tirana seems ideal – it  truly is where “East meets West”.

It is great to hear of the growth of the ministry in the Cook Islands. Raj, his family and team, the Churches of Titakaveka and Avarua, and Tuaine Unuia, the local organiser, are to be congratulated on how they are taking the ministry forward. The implementing Avarua CICC Church is seeing people come to faith in Christ week by week. Praise God! I do hope a Cook Island delegate will be at the Congress and maybe, since they are NZ citizens, a visa won’t be needed.

On the ‘Oceania front’ this month and the beginning of next, I plan to be visiting Vanuatu, Fiji and Australia in order to encourage the EE teams, attend Board Meetings and conduct their Annual Reviews. Please pray that each of these special times will be really helpful to them and productive.

Yours joyfully in His harvest,

Anne Bowie, VP Oceania


October 2018 News from Anne


Last month’s highlight was nearly a fortnight in Fiji assisting with the Leadership Development Training Course. My role was to teach the Spiritual Development section each morning, firmly based on Archbishop Harry Goodhew’s excellent guide, Growing Green, as well as to assist EE Australia and EE Fiji in the day to day running of the Course.  It was a pleasure to join with the keen group who came for training. There were three EE National Directors; one from India, Malaysia and Mongolia, Field Workers from USA, Switzerland, Kenya, Tonga and the Marshall Islands and two young women from Australia testing their call to EE. While there, we went out witnessing in Nadi and 12 people professed their faith in Christ, including a man living with his family just down the drive from the Kennedy Training Centre. It was good to go out one morning and meet some local pastors who had participated in an EE training clinic course to assess its implementation and encourage them further. It’s hard to estimate the potential value of a course like this as these leaders scatter and return home to apply what they’ve learned. Please pray for EE leadership of all these nations to be greatly strengthened.

Anne Bowie, VP Oceania


October 2018 news from Chris Lange, Board Chairman

My two boys have always enjoyed spending time with me, particularly if it involves anything outside. Ever since they learnt to walk, they would come running every time I trie to go outside. Somehow from anywhere in the house they would detect sound of me putting my shoes on, and would come running while yelling “coming”! They would never ask me about where I was going or what I was doing. They were too busy pulling their boots on as fast as they could to ask irrelevant questions like that. Sometimes this was just taking the compost out and other times it was going on big adventures like cycling. It didn’t matter what it was, what mattered was that we were together.

Their eagerness to spend time with their dad reminds me of when Jesus first called His disciples. He simply said “Come follow Me” and “At once they left their nets and followed him”(Matt 4:20). Following Jesus is an adventure. Jesus is still calling each of us today to join Him in this adventure, to go where He goes and do as He does. So when you next sense Jesus calling you, will you jump at the opportunity? I pray our response will always be “coming!” Your adventure awaits!

Chris Lange

October 2018: News from EE Coordinator – Adrienne van Rij

I have just completed 8 sessions of Kids’ Connect for the term, to which God brought along 7-year-old Hindu twin boys. One was particularly attentive to the gospel and I hope to have contact with the family in the school term holidays. Another Hindu mum, whose daughter used to come two years back to Kid’s Connect, phoned me for a chat this week. I bumped into her again at Countdown with Siyona – this is a good reminder from God that I need to keep up the friendship with her.  I had a wonderful gospel opportunity to keep sowing the seed and sharing God’s love with her.

I am reminded of Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up”.

Adrienne van Rij, EE Coordinator, Christchurch.


September 2018 News from Raj

Greetings to all in the name of Jesus.

Anne and I have just returned from attending the EE Oceania Conference at Camp Tamborine in Queensland, Australia, where the Oceania National Directors, EE Board Chairpersons, National Coordinators, Field Workers and volunteers came together for a week to present and listen to EE ministry reports presented by each Oceania nation. We had daily devotions, worship and prayer, followed by National ministry reports, updates from Executive VP Rod Story regarding the future plans of EE, Anne’s briefing on EE implementation, planning work, reporting structure, scorecard, local area teams and workshops, and discussion on national issues and recommendations for the next EE congress.  Overall it was an excellent time of edification for all of us.









I would like to thank Anne, the main coordinator of the EE conference, Ilse the administrator, and the entire EE Australia team with Rev Rob and his wife Carol. It was wonderful teamwork and I applaud everyone for their 110% effort in making this conference a great success.

On the home front, we have confirmation that our next Share Your Faith workshop will start in Pukekohe, please keep this workshop in your prayers. We will also be doing on-the-job training as part of the eight-week workshop, so please pray that God will draw hungry souls to hear the gospel. In September, I have been invited to speak at two forums: one in Wellington, where I will be promoting Hope for Kids at the forum called “Reaching 1 million kids for Christ in New Zealand”. The plan is to share the gospel with 1 million kids in New Zealand who are in the age group 5 to 15. If you are in Wellington on the 14th and 15th September. For more information or to register, please email or go to the website One Million Children

I have also been invited to speak at the “Unshaken Youth Conference” organised by Thinking Matters on the 22nd September in Auckland. Please keep me in your prayers.

Blessings in Jesus name.

Raj, National Director


August 2018 News from Raj

“Kia Orana” everyone,

This is how we greeted each other in the Cook Islands, when Anne and I were there from 15 to 24 Jul. We were based in Rarotonga, and joined up the EE American team led by Alan Bussie. Alan and his wife Vanessa, Pastor Steve, Richard, Anne and I joined together and equipped 15 CICC (Cook Island Christian Church) members to share the gospel. The members were from Titikaweka (Southern region of the island) and Avarua (main city centre). The training was conducted during weekday evenings and concluded with OJT (On Job Training) every night, when we met people in the streets and their homes, sharing the gospel. Each night we were thrilled to see up to seven people professing Jesus as their personal Saviour. In total 35 people were saved after five days of training and witnessing. Glory to God ! Alan and Vanessa have stayed back to equip the trainees in discipleship as this is the next step we are undertaking through the CICC church.

One of the highlights for me was sharing the gospel with a Cook Island man who had lost his assurance of salvation due to illness and personal circumstances. As I shared the gospel, that eternal life is a free gift and cannot be earned but only received by the finished work of Christ, he started to weep uncontrollably in repentance, for thinking that he had to be perfect and good to receive the gift of salvation. After hearing and seeing the full gospel presentation, he recommitted his life to Christ and the very next day, his entire physical body had started to heal. His wife and daughter could immediately see the difference and they were overjoyed by the remarkable healing that came from the power of salvation. Once again, I witnessed Romans 1:16 in action: “I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation for everyone”. Glory to Jesus.

On the home front, the XEE training at Lynfield community church is entering week 5 and this Saturday we are planning to do OJT.  If anyone is keen, please contact us and join us to witness the power of gospel in action.

Thank you for all you are doing, supporting us with prayer and finance as we labour together on the mission field.

Blessings in Jesus name.

Raj, National Director


July 2018 News from Raj

Dear Intercessor,

Greeting to everyone in the name of Jesus!  I have just returned from Malaysia after attending my niece’s wedding. It was the first Christian wedding in our family, so I was really thrilled and excited, as we come from a long generation of Hindus and I am so happy that Jesus broke this cycle of Hinduism in our family.  So I give thanks and Glory to God for making this happen. I also took this opportunity to preach the gospel to the rest of my siblings and relatives and as a result of this another niece of mine, who heard the gospel for the first time, gave her life to Jesus and, not only that, she also brought her close friend, who after hearing the good news about Jesus, made Jesus as her personal saviour.  Glory to God for making this happen!

Overall, many seeds have been planted and I am sure it will harvest in God’s timing as He is the Lord of the Harvest.

Upon return, I have been preparing for the XEE evangelism training at Lynfield Community Church where seven people will be trained and equipped to share the gospel. Please pray for this training to go well.  Anne and I are also preparing to leave for the Cook Islands in July, to help the local team and the USA team equip the CICC (Cook Island Christian Church) to share the gospel with the locals. We pray for a great harvest to come from this training. We will be taking trainees and witness to the local people as part of the training, so do pray that God will prepare the hearts of the people who will receive the seed of Gospel.

Thank you for all you are doing, supporting us with prayer and finance.

Blessings in Jesus name.

Raj, National Director


September 2018 News from Anne

Greetings to everyone in the special Oceania Conference edition!

How great it was to join with 23 other Oceania leaders at Camp Tamborine, Queensland, for seven days of jam-packed inspiration, teaching, sharing, networking and praying together. Representatives from Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Australia, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, Cook Islands and New Zealand attended. Rod Story brought us up to speed with “Every One Hears”, the plan for resourcing and growing EE globally over the next four years, as well as New Strategies, Hope for Kids and Congress next year. Everyone creatively presented reports from the Oceania nations: No one will forget Pamela Amini’s presentation on “Looking After Your Team Members” and  Rusi Tulaga’s on “Fund Raising”?

Temperatures were colder than expected.  Each evening, we met at the fire place and discussed topics like “Thinking Creatively”, and hear veteran ‘EEians’ Laurie and Sylvia Skilton share their story of faithfulness in sharing the Gospel.  Also we heard Raj on visual communication and making Powerpoint presentation exciting.  Recommendations to EE International and possible


Congress Resolutions also brought lively discussion. Finally at the end of the week, Paul and Anita Bertrand from the Philippines led the training day in Explorers’ Club, the official follow-up course for children after they’ve done Hope for Kids. This was well received. Thank you Paul and Anita




A huge vote of thanks is due to Robert, Coral and David Carner, Pete McCutchen and a team of 15 local helpers from North Tamborine Presbyterian Church, who shuttled delegates from airports and railway stations, helped in the kitchen, provided hospitality, took people shopping and loaned many blankets and duvets to keep us warm. Also we will never forget Kelly McGregor, our chef, who took a week off from work to cook  gourmet meals for us and became part of “Team EE Oceania”.

All thanks and praise to God for blessing us and taking us, to a new stage in understanding each other and the potential of being a team of EE leaders in the Pacific.

Anne Bowie, VP Oceania