February 2018 News from Raj

It is with a lot of sadness that I am announcing the resignation of Lewis from EENZ ministries, due to health reasons.  In the first week of February, Lewis underwent  a triple bypass heart surgery at Waikato Hospital and he is now resting and recovering for the next 3 months. Lewis had asked that we support him in prayer during this difficult time in his life.  I would urge you to keep Lewis in your prayers and I will give you more updates in the next monthly prayer line.


February 2018 News from Raj

Happy New Year everyone! I greet each one of you in the name of our Lord Jesus and may the Lord’s blessing and providence be upon you abundantly in 2018.

In regards to our EE mission and ministry, we are heading for a great start in February, with three confirmed SYF/EV2 (Share your Faith/Everyday Evangelism) trainings this month.  My team and I are looking forward to empowering the different people groups and age groups in each of these churches with the simple EE SYF/EV2 evangelism tool. Please pray for these to be a great success.

In regards to my personal witnessing that I do each week, the Lord used me to share the gospel to two young couples. To the first couple, I asked the Q1 and Q2 questions and both replied that they do not have any assurance that they will be with God in Heaven. They professed that they have been too sinful and not good enough to enter heaven. I shared the good news that salvation is a free gift and is not dependent upon how good you are but is solely dependent on how good God is. It is by God’s grace that we are saved, not of ourselves, it is a free gift from God (Ephesians 2:8). Upon hearing this good news, they both gladly received Jesus Christ as their personal saviour. During the salvation prayer, the young guy was so overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit that tears were flowing and he had to be comforted by his partner. It was so touching to witness this conversion of heart and I am sure Heaven is rejoicing over these two saved souls.

The second young couple that I shared the gospel with were newly married but they had to live separately because the guy had a severe infection on his arm and needs hospitalisation for two months in Middlemore hospital. He was very distressed by this experience and asked for prayer. I prayed with him in the name of Jesus and he was healed – the hospital discharged him within two days!! He is now resting at home and I had the opportunity to visit him and his wife at their home to share the gospel with them. They both accepted Christ as their personal saviour. What a mighty God that we serve. All Glory to Jesus. Please continue to pray for EE ministries as we could not do any of this without your prayer and the power of the Gospel.


February 2018 News from Tina

Welcome to 2018.  I trust that the New Year has started well for each of you.

Exciting news of course is that Raj has a permanent desk in the EE office and can be contacted there at any time.  His passion and enthusiasm and commitment are contagious and, again, I pray that God will use this as Raj empowers others in the same way through the training already scheduled for this term.  Please continue to support him and his family, as you are doing.

Anne’s itinerary reads like a “Lonely Planet” resource and I am thrilled that Oceania has started the year so fruitfully.  EE is a wide open mission field, which anyone can take part in.  Talk to Anne if you want to partner with her in any way – she’d love to hear from you.  I am so pleased that she will still have her desk in the office and be contactable there.

Our first PRAYER & FASTING DAY for EE was on Wed 6 Feb.  Please spend some small part of your day today wherever you are and pray for the EE Mission Field on our doorstep and internationally.

Our first Board Meeting for this year is on Tues 13 Feb.  Again, please uphold us in prayer on that day as we plan and coordinate the ministry for 2018.

We’ve seen incredible transformation in individuals, in families, in churches and across communities because people have had the opportunity to explore a new life in Christ through EE.  Your support helps make it possible for more people in New Zealand to experience this – thank you to each one of you for your faithfulness and continuing commitment to this labour and mission.


Bless you all,




February 2018 News from Anne

This year opens with its fresh vision, opportunities and particular challenges. The first trip is to Tonga, where EE Australia has been helping the ministry of EE to grow and it looks entirely possible it will be ready to join as a Multiplying Nation at the 2019 Congress of Nations. Rod Story is introducing me to all the key players on this trip so I can assist the process from now on.

Then in the middle of February, I plan a visit to Fiji to oversee the sending out of training materials to Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. These are stored at the Kennedy Training Centre. I’ll go on to Vanuatu to re-visit the Director and his team there and meet with the Board. Near the end of February is the long-awaited visit to the Solomon Islands to do its Annual Review.  Development there is also well advanced and it could also be ready to join as a Multiplying Nation next year. After these three trips, I’m looking forward to being home and joining Raj in teaching Share Your Faith and XEE.

During the holidays, I was glad to be able to be in Timaru, helping my sister who had an operation. Thank you for your prayers. She came through it well and is making a promising recovery.

I really like the caption on Daily Bread’s Calendar for January: “Don’t tell God how big your giants are, tell your giants how big your God is.”  Let’s remember that at all times in 2018!

Anne Bowie  VP OCEANIA  


November 2017 News from Raj

Anne and I have been travelling the lower South Island, visiting churches to promote EE ministries to the local ministers and pastors. We had the XEE training at Christchurch Grace Presbyterian Church over two weekends and in between we visited Dunedin and headed south to Invercargill, to promote EE to the evangelical churches over there. We then return to Christchurch on Friday to complete Day-2 and Day-3 of our XEE training. We had 7 wonderful trainees, who were all eager to be trained. In fact, I was invited to their Gospel outreach at the local skate park one Saturday, where I met many teenagers and young adults who came from broken families, divorced parents, moving from one foster home to another. They were spiritually lost and were without hope. I had a great conversation with Ben, a young man in his twenties, who had left home, and was suffering bouts of serious depression. He was at the skate park almost daily to escape from the mental agony and suffering. I shared Jesus’s love with Ben and he was touched by what we are doing to reach out to him and others. There were so many lost souls like Ben at the skate park, as well as in many areas within Christchurch, and it gave us and our team a reason and impetus to do what we went out to do, that is to take the gospel to those who need hope.

Finally, please join me in welcoming our new volunteer, Ruth, who is not only a SYF/EV2 trainer, but who will also be responsible for promoting EE via new marketing materials and strategies.
Thank you and blessings,

November 2017 News from our Hope for Kids Field Worker: Lewis Bacon

Hi All,
Just thought I’d write a short update to keep you in the picture and give you fuel for your prayers because we can’t do anything for the Lord in our own strength – a lesson that at times I am still learning! It’s great to know that you are partnering with me in the work of the gospel. Prayer and Evangelism go together like the two wings of a plane in the air. I am even able to praise God for a God-ordained meeting where I was able to use my heart attack experience to make way for a gospel conversation with a young man who used to come to a programme I ran when I first came to Hamilton. May God continue to give me good health, strength and wisdom to minister in His Name.
God Bless and thanks for supporting me in the work.

November 2017 from Anne Bowie, VP for Oceania

In October I joined the other VP’s at the half-yearly conference, this time held at the Kennedy Centre in Fiji. We were blessed by the characteristic warm welcome and generous hospitality of the Fijians, the glorious sunshine each day and by the joy of being together with the team. Two highlights stand out: the devotions each morning led by Archbishop Harry Goodhew from chapters 2-4 of 2 Corinthians, and the teaching on leadership by Brian Brown, an American leadership developer. Brian is a deeply committed Christian, who once was a pastor of a large church and teaches humbly and honestly out of his personal experience. He told us that the word “lead” used to mean “to go forth and die”. This was because in ancient battles, the leader rode out in front of the army where he was most likely to be killed. Later the leader rode further back beside the King or Commander, to be near him. To be a good leader, you must be a good follower and servant. Jesus supremely demonstrated this by washing the disciples’ feet on the evening before he died. Brian reminded us that for us it means being where Jesus the King is and being ready to die for him and die to self. I found this deeply convicting.
May you be blessed as you serve him in these days

October 2017 News from Raj

It was a fabulous month for me and EE in general. As a team we successfully promoted EE at the National Engage Conference held at Manukau Baptist Church from the 22nd to 23rd Sep, where 250 people attended the conference. We had our own EE booth that attracted close to 10 enquires from various church pastors and leaders and I will do follow up with each of them in the coming weeks.

I was also given a slot to speak at the Engage conference with a 20-minute “Power Talk” on how to take the gospel to Indian migrants in New Zealand. I incorporated two EE gospel stories into my speech and promoted the benefits of the EE technique. Chris and Anne confirmed that the speech went well and that people liked EE technique, especially the demonstration of the “record book of sin”.

In September, we held an XEE workshop where 10 people were trained.  Praise the Lord! In addition to this, the EV2 training held in East Auckland has concluded.  We have also identified and developed a new Teacher-Trainer who has fully assisted me in the 10-week EE training in East Auckland and the XEE workshop in the City, who has a great potential to become an IFW.


Raj Narayanan, National Director

October 2017 news from Chris Lange, Board Chairman

Over the last few weeks during the general election, I observed that the political debates revolved mainly around the differing vision each camp holds for what our society should look like.  This was often broken down into different areas such as economy, health, transport, housing and environment. We know that when the Gospel transforms a person’s heart it affects every area of a person’s life. However, as important as good governance and democratic processes might be, we have a much larger mandate with consequences that last for eternity. We are first and foremost called to be ambassador’s for the Kingdom of God. Are we inviting people to live under a government that has been in office since before the world began?

So what is our vision? “Every nation equipping every people group and every age group to witness to every person.”  This vision is simply a reflection of the Great Commission to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). This is a global vision – it starts at home and then moves beyond our own boarders. Imagine what our nation will look like when this is achieved! Can this be achieved? Yes certainly! Jesus said “I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20). So let’s do this. Let’s be active in delivering the Gospel to New Zealand. Let’s bring for fruit that lasts!

Chris Lange

October 2017 news from our Hope for Kids Field Worker: Lewis Bacon

It has been an exciting couple of months since my last report. We’ve had our EENZ conference which was an opportunity to spend time and cast vision with our South Island team members, and to hear them making goals to have at least four workshops in the South Island next year. We’ve had a Team Visioning Day that was inspiring and is helping us in our future planning.  We have also had two Hope for Kids workshops in September.  Even though the numbers were low with only four people from three different churches attending, some exciting things have come out of it, for example:

(a) One young girl came to know the Lord at the on-the-job training where 20 children heard the gospel;

(b) Three of the people who came to the workshop want to offer the programme at an After School Club in 2018;

Moving on to the Christchurch workshop, it was great to have Adrienne Van Rij and David Jull as co-workshop presenters to support and equip this very passionate group, who have a desire to communicate with young people in a way that works and want to make sure their young people come to faith in Christ. The key leaders now want to put the programme into action at their different locations around Canterbury.

Another development that I’m praising the Lord for is that there are new trainers who are keen to be part of workshop training.  Speaking of workshops: there is one scheduled for Auckland in November on the North Shore, please register here if you are interested.  I have already started booking workshops for 2018 in the North Island, and I will be meeting with more South Island leaders this November to arrange other workshops in there next year.

Thank you all for your wonderful support and enthusiasm, Lewis