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This is the foundational Evangelism Explosion ministry. It has been used to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ for over forty years and is now found in every part of the world (all nations were reached in 1996).

Classic EE equips church members to share the gospel effectively one-to-one in a conversational style. It is designed to provide a tool that will help in five important ways:
To build a bridge of friendship that enables you to move naturally from everyday secular conversation into spiritual areas.
To proclaim the essentials of the gospel message sensitively, clearly and accurately, with plenty of opportunity for the listener to share in the conversation.
To lead someone to place their faith in Christ with a clear understanding of the commitment they are making.
To assist the new believer to begin developing a personal relationship with God through the Bible, Prayer, Worship, Fellowship and Witness.
To equip the ordinary believer to handle basic objections to the gospel confidently, accurately and helpfully.
Training Method
You memorise a simple gospel outline based on the Book of Romans and learn how to fit it to your contact’s need. ‘On-the-job’ training is done with an experienced trainer to develop effectiveness and confidence. Learning grows during the weekly outreach and pastoral ministry of the church.

Leadership Training can be done in either of two ways:
In a Leadership Training Clinic where Ministers, Pastors and lay leaders are trained and equipped to develop the training course and ministry over five days in a church that uses and models EE. On return, they begin training over an eight or 16 week congregational course called “Sharing Jesus”.
An EE training team will come to your church to train leaders and church members together on the ‘home patch’ over two weekends of intensive training and on-the-job training.
The clinic is preferred because there leaders see EE in action in the host church and have the challenge and stimulation of meeting like-minded people.

The Leadership Training Clinic fee includes teaching, a full set of teaching and training resources, outreach materials and all meals during clinic time.

Through EE you can fulfil the vision of seeing people in your church regularly, naturally and accurately leading people to faith in Christ. Make Christ’s last command your first concern.

For further information about Classic EE training, contact the EENZ National Director.



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