Hope for Kids

Hope for Kids

Hope for Kids aims to reach all children with the gospel message and equip them to become witnesses for Christ.

It’s the result of a partnership between EE International and One Hope Ministries, who print and publish children’s Bible training materials worldwide. Children’s leaders qualify by attending an accredited two and a half day workshop conducted in a local church and by agreeing to train at least twenty children for each of the next three years.

Hope for Kids has three main purposes in equipping adults to:

  • Explain the Gospel clearly to children
  • Bring children to faith in Christ
  • Equip children to share the Gospel with others

Hope for Kids teaches the basic message of Christ in a format that is easy for children to understand. It uses interactive methods that tap into effective learning styles, teaching children in a fun-filled way.

Auditory, visual, kinaesthetic and tactile styles are used. Games, songs, actions, stories, skits, drama, discussion, object lessons and crafts reinforce learning.

Children learn to share out of an enthusiastic overflow of their faith.

The Hope for Kids programme has 12 teaching units suited for a local church or kids’ club. It can be easily adapted for a camp or holiday programme.

It is also suited for teaching the basics of the Christian faith in uniformed groups such as Iconz or Girls’ Brigade. It lends itself to a variety of settings and some Christian Schools are making it part of their curriculum to teach the basics of the Christian faith.

In New Zealand Hope for Kids is best suited to 7-10 year olds, although it can be easily extended in either age direction.

Training workshops are held all over New Zealand in local churches.

Participants are provided with a Teacher’s Book, a Children’s Activity Book and a giveaway storybook entitled Pathway to Hope. The workshop fee is $50.00. Each church whose children’s ministry leaders complete workshop training and agree to train twenty children over the next three years, receives free materials. Each child will receive their own Activity Book and 10 Pathway to Hope booklets to give away to their friends.

Hope For Kids is available in both English Language and Mandarin.

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