Share Your Faith

A Share Your Faith one-day workshop provides an introductory framework for sharing the Gospel in one-to-one conversations. This entry-level training introduces the EE method and Gospel outline which you will be able to start using immediately, as you begin to take up opportunities to witness in a clear, accurate and logical way.

Key Features
Using the five fingers on your hand, Share Your Faith Workshops introduce a Gospel presentation that’s easy to learn and hard to forget! In one Share Your Faith Workshop you’ll:

  • Learn a method of sharing the Gospel you will not easily forget.
  • Be given a tool you will use the rest of your life!
  • Receive a tool that never leaves your side.
  • Catch a renewed vision and enthusiasm for winning others to the Lord.
  • Renew your passion for witnessing with a glimpse of the heart of God.
  • Discover ways to cultivate friendships into opportunities to share the Gospel.

A “hands-on” approach to sharing your faith

One of the main reasons believers don’t share their faith is that they feel ill-prepared. Through a Share Your Faith Workshop, the hand becomes a simple memory tool you use to share a Gospel presentation that has proven effective in every nation of the world. Each finger represents a key point of the Gospel.

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