XEE is an exciting programme in equipping people to witness. It is a refinement of the Classic EE gospel presentation making it much more accessible to people of all ages but particularly to younger people. Training includes the use of DVDs which enables teachers to become facilitators and students to go on learning long after they’ve finished the course.

XEE teaches Jesus followers how to share the story of the gospel within the context of relationship. 

Key Features
XEE provides two alternative gospel themes:

  • LIFE NOW focuses on what it means for a person to have the life Jesus offers as abundant life, here and now but also forever.
  • LIFE FOREVER focuses on how a person may know for certain that they have a relationship with God that lasts beyond death and into eternity.

XEE training has three sections, CONNECT LIFE, SHARE LIFE and MULTIPLY:

  1. CONNECT LIFE helps people to step out of their comfort zones, identify with people, to listen well and learn how to develop meaningful conversation and thus good relationships.
  2. SHARE LIFE trains people to have an interesting conversation, a meaningful dialogue through which the gospel is shared clearly and accurately. Each section begins with intriguing launch questions, has an absorbing story to give under-standing and key scriptures relate it to what the Bible teaches.
  3. MULTIPLY LIFE equips the witness to begin discipling the new believer, as well as handle life issues, train others and develop witnessing as a way of life.

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